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Bus Ride Chronicles

When an ordinary school bus turns into a time machine that takes you straight into the world of your desires with creamy thighs, clean nails and window seats; will you ride?


I have never really been a popular girl. It never bothered me as a child because I enjoyed my space anyways but as I grew older I started craving relationships with other people. You see I am very awkward, from the way I am built to the way I speak. I have a heavy lisp, big thighs and very little behind. However I was determined to make friends, so I took my flat ass and walked over to the new girl in class to start conversation. I think I may have thrown up and swallowed inside my mouth before I even said the first hello. I had to say many because silly flat ass me didn’t realise she had earphones plugged into her ears. “Hi, I’m Zamo” I flashed her a smile and could tell from the look on her face that I looked deranged but I had already walked over so I was going to see this embarrassment through. “Hi Zamo. You can call me CJ”. I almost fell of my feet when I realised she was expecting me to continue the conversation I had so bravely started. You see I had no plan beyond the greeting because most times it never went further than that. She stood up and I was certain she would turn her back and find someone less awkward to talk to. It’s a big class after all.

“Do you want to come with me to town after school?” The yes from lips came out faster than I would have liked and a little louder than necessary. Shit! I hope she didn’t catch that. “Okay then I’ll see you in a few hours” she walked over to her desk. I stood there for what felt like forever because I now had a debt to pay. I had said yes to spend more time with this girl and underwhelm her some more. She was beautiful. I don’t mean the classic beauty that is always praised n the magazine, the kind of beauty people describe as the girl next door effect. She didn’t have that kind of beauty, hers was a beauty of a sexual nature. Her hooded eyes added mystery, her full lips set her apart and she had the breasts of a goddess. Damn! She caught me staring again. It’s not that I set out to be a creep, I just needed to understand why someone that gorgeous would bother being seen in public with me. Did I mention I have no ass?

“Hey Zamo, come this way” whoa! She remembered my name. I marched towards her in a trance, afraid to embarrass her should she be seen talking to me. The next thing that happened was so random and quick it took me a full minute to register it. CJ was holding my hand and walking proudly across the many learners staring at her with the disapproving eye. She held my hand tight and smiled all the way to the bus. I didn’t know how to tell this girl that I am not the right field to plant a flag if you have any aspirations to be a well liked person in this school. A part of me felt like she should be able to tell that by just looking at me. “Are you cool? Okay?” I didn’t know how to answer this question without sounding like a freak so I just nodded and gave another crooked smile. She seemed confused a little bit but then smiled, hard as if she had just realised something. “You’re cool Zamo. I like your vibe”.

I wanted to stand up and walk the passage of the bus letting all the people know that I was in possession of a vibe, one that was worthy of being likeable. “Thanks CJ. Where are we going?” I realise that this is strange. I should have asked this question hours ago but I was still trying to figure out what was going on and besides, a few hours ago I wasn’t aware I had a vibe. “There is this awesome ice cream store, a friend of mine runs. You like ice cream?” Trust me, I love ice cream but even if I didn’t I still would have said yes because of her eyes. I hadn’t noticed them before because I couldn’t look her in the eyes but now I could see them clearly, they were a light brown and almost see through. “Your eyes are gorgeous” ugh, there goes my awkwardness again. I swear I thought I was just thinking it and not saying it. She didn’t seem fazed, maybe because she had heard this so many times in her life. “Thanks Zamo. I like your tidies”. Wait, skrr broken record sound effect and thunder please. Her hands were already tracing my breasts on top of my tunic before I could even say thank you. It all of a sudden got cold in hot Manzini and I froze. “Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you. They’re just nice boobs” why did she make everything sound so normal and casual? Christ! Her hands were on my breast and she was chilled as ice. “It’s okay”. I lied. See it wasn’t that it wasn’t okay but I wasn’t sure how it was but her hands were still on my boobs. I looked down at them as if to remind her to move her hands. It worked, she moved them. She moved them down my stomach until they landed on my fat thighs. Quick! Does anybody know a way of sucking thighs in? Ugh. I shifted in my chair without making my discomfort obvious to the other students in the bus. Yes, this is all happening in the school bus I ride every day.

Her hands were warm and slightly wet. It must be the sweat. I could feel them because they were now directly on my thighs underneath my tunic. She was brushing my fat thighs like a cat and I liked every part of it. I let out a smile and she caught me. Damn! Those light brown eyes caught mine and I relaxed my body almost in reflex and this allowed her hand to slide up my fat thighs and i knew I was in trouble. “Are you okay?” she asked me looking straight in my eyes as if to make sure that I was indeed okay. “I am f...” I couldn’t finish my sentence because two fingers of the most beautiful girl in my school were inside me. Okay so I know this escalated quickly and you didn’t have time to prepare yourself, guess what? That is exactly how I felt. All I wanted was a conversation and possibly a friendship with the new girl but now I was grabbing on to the bottom of a bus seat, biting my lips and trying to be as quiet as humanely possible.

She was now looking out the window, taking in the scenery as I took in more of her fingers. To someone on the outside, I’m sure we looked like two high school girls, enjoying a bus ride. I grabbed onto her arm and dug my nails into them. Hell if I was going to be uncomfortable, she was going to share in that experience. I swear I heard her whimper in pain and she retaliated by freezing her hand inside me. She didn’t move, not one bit and I swear I almost lost my mind. I wanted nothing more than to grab her hand and move it even deeper inside me and kiss those full lips all the way to climax town. She still didn’t move her hand inside my thighs but looked at me in the eye, daring me to do something. I don’t know how it happened but my I mouthed a please to her. It seemed I had lost my voice and my dignity at that point. It worked because I was now clutching onto my tunic, toes curling, and body shivering into the finish line.

Suddenly the bus stopped and it was time to get off. I swear no pun intended here. I had entered that bus in the morning, a lonely awkward girl with no ass and fat thighs. I got off in town, with creamy thighs, the girl with the best ass I have ever seen and a vibe. All of a sudden I knew I would have ice cream every single day of my life. Shit! Why wouldn’t anybody?

By: Notsile Nkambule

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